High School (9th-12th grade) Groups

Due to COVID-19, we are unable to safely conduct groups at this time. To receive information about when groups will be meeting again, please send an email to new@forbesjones.com.

For gender expansive high schoolers (9th through 12th grade) and their families.  Peer group for gender expansive kids provides an opportunity for teens to experience time with other young people who are also transgender or gender expansive.  The teens hang out and talk about concerns or questions they are having with regard to gender if, and as, they come up.  This is not a therapy group but an opportunity for teens to be surrounded by and develop relationships with peers who have similar “gender histories” without having to explain themselves. This is also an opportunity for parents and adult caregivers to meet with others who “get it.”  Teens are welcome to present in whatever gender expression feels most comfortable to them. Please email new@forbesjones.com if interested in attending.